For Gliderol, top-level customer service is of vital importance and part of the reason dealers / distributors choose to sell Gliderol Garage and Industrial Doors above those of the competition.

Gliderol strives to provide a local service to dealers / distributors throughout the U.K. and Ireland. We have our own fleet of modern trucks and are proud that we have been serving customers for over 30 years.

Each territory in the U.K. and Ireland has a dedicated team which includes at least one Sales Manager, Sales Coordinator and Technical Manager, we deliver regularly to all areas. This locality, which includes regular visits from sales and technical managers, ensures dealers / distributors feel the Gliderol team is committed to their business and that they are working with a team that fully understands the marketplace, trends and other factors that affect them.

Every dealer is provided with access to a sales toolkit containing:

  • Product brochures
  • Marketing materials
  • Videos
  • Photographs

As a direct result of combining a fantastic and loyal team with excellent customer service provision, Gliderol has enjoyed over 30 years of success throughout the U.K. and Ireland – we look forward to 30 more successful years and would like to be your partner of choice.

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